Custom Tickets for Any Event


At Cohort Custom Tickets we produce attractive and inexpensive tickets for you to sell for your event. This includes Wedding Socials, Fundraisers, Musical Acts, School Plays or Dances, Sporting Events and anything else you can think to ticket.

QUICK TURN-AROUND - Next day service on most orders guaranteed

NO HIDDEN COSTS - No extra charges for numbering tickets or scanning/printing images.

QUALITY WORKMANSHIP - The tickets are printed on durable 90 lb. cardstock that is available in 8 attractive colours. Graphics are photo-quality with vibrant colour print available.

NO ORDER IS TOO SMALL - There are no minimum orders and you will only be charged for what you want printed.

NUMBERED TICKETS - Sequenced numbered tickets for general admission events or specific seat and section numbers for venues with assigned seating.

PERFORATED - All tickets are perforated at both ends in order to ensure easy collection of stubs for attendance figures. Also great for draws and raffles.

FREE GRAPHICS - Provide your logo or any graphic in electronic or hard copy format and we'll put it on your ticket at no extra charge.

FULL COLOUR PRINT AVAILABLE - Add impact to your ticket or coupon with vibrant colour print for your images and lettering.

DOUBLE-SIDED PRINT - Both sides of the ticket are available for print leaving plenty of extra room for sponsors or maps to your event.

12¢ per ticket NON-COLOUR-PRINT
16¢ per ticket COLOUR-PRINT

COURIER SERVICE AVAILABLE - City-wide delivery available. Delivered to your door during regular business hours - $5 + GST downtown or $8 + GST outside downtown Winnipeg. 1-2 business days notice required, rush delivery available for a premium. Full payment required upon delivery.